Draft meetings are created based on your calendar events

We decided to take the synchronization between Google calendar and Meetin.gs to another level.

Starting of today we bring your events as drafts from your Google Calendar to the new meeting timeline. These drafts are marked with a small Google-symbol and can be easily – with just one click – turned into real meeting pages. Or as easily removed from Meetin.gs timeline. Take notice, that you still have to set the meeting to a ready state in Meetin.gs to share the created meeting with other invitees.

Synchronization significantly reduces double typing, as Meetin.gs automatically fetches all the data like: meeting title, location, invitees with rsvp status, agenda, time and date from your Google calendar.

Connect and synchronize Google calendar and Meetin.gs now to improve your productivity. This can be easily done in the settings or at the bottom of the meeting timeline.

Easily connect your Google calendar with Meetin.gs