We are excited to announce that Meetin.gs is now optimized for your mobile devices.

The mobile-friendly site is mainly designed to help the lives of those, who are constantly on the move, rushing from one meeting to another. We wanted our users to have a clear and easily approachable mobile experience. This is done by offering the most important features for a typical meeting participant, including:

  • A clear summary with all your upcoming and past meetings
  • Easy access to all meeting related materials
  • Joining and making Skype calls through the UI
  • Answering scheduling options and RSVP
  • Commenting on materials and agenda

See it for yourself! Access the mobile-friendly site by opening Meetin.gs with your device. Use this link: Mobile site

Also, this is a big step towards the native application for iOS and Android devices – which by the way, we are also planning on releasing very soon.

Some feedback would also be much appreciated. Please, share your thoughts with us by mailing info@meetin.gs or at the comments below.